Aug 2013

Hello world!

Blog is just another way to express yourself and share…

As we all know the importance of the blogs, forums and knowledge sharing sites available around the globe, that the actual source using which we programmers survive.

We often reject the companies (at-least in the interview), which ask what if we do not give you access to Google Smile. Because we know that its not possible for a developer to have complete knowledge of any technology, even if we know we have to try out samples, ask someone if its the only or the best way. Possibilities in programming are always in multiple numbers, everyone has there own ways (ofcourse if platform permits).

At the same time programmers, mainly engineers across the globe are the most helping and knowledge sharing people. Sometimes its difficult to understand the motivation for a such large amount of data created. (apart from visibility, ranking and to feel that I shared it first). But still we must accept the fact that there is huge amount of shared examples, articles available.

Apart from the programmers, there is again a large community sharing social content, which has come out of books or the facts around us.. This includes social awareness, financial firms data , news, blogs etc..

Having the same idea to express myself and sharing what I know, I have started this web-log i.e. blog.

With the mantra CONNECT..SHARE..GROW..