Windows 8, A opportunity developers must grab.

Microsoft has been providing space for developers, partners enough room to build useful apps by keeping the core solution simple and allowing maximum exposure to development. At the same time it is adopting the most widely used apps to evolve and provide easier/integrated solution to end customers.

Microsoft is/will be using the same platform for all the devices like TV/Gaming console,  Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Mobiles, Other devices like photo frames, cameras(in future we can expect this also). And much more devices/business tools where Microsoft is there or not there.

Some quotes from web

“Windows 8 is just a matter of time to master all the features and soon you will love it, Way back since Win98 and XP, Many said win98 is better cause may programs are not compatible with XP, then there came windows vista we love the graphics and we complain again for slow operation, then migrated to win7, and we loved this OS that much due to its simplified version of windVista, but people keeps complaining due to system requirements, and now we would say this time that this is the Best OS of this Generation, yet, here comes the Win8 and as usual people keeps complaining again and again, But This is better that Win7. We will get used to it soon enough, its just a matter of time, Always remember that new OS comes with a redefined Engineering programs, We may not be ready for Windows8 because it requires higher performance Hardware compared to our present PC.”