Innovations, Ideas and Growth!!!

Since last few months, weeks, days these are the words buzzing around. It seems I am lost, everyone seems to be running and world has stopped for me. May be its a short break before something new.. Enough of philosophy coming back to the topic..

What next to expect in innovation? From where these Ideas come from and once we know about them where does it go? why does it take so much time to reach common man!!! And Growth seems to be just behind the door but who will open it?

Above is something I don’t want to discuss in this page.

We see a lot of cutting edge or grass root innovations but they are just in videos and most of them do not reach common man or come as product for everyone. Many of the grass root innovations and advanced technology is patented to make money out of it(ofcourse it is necessary) but at the same time many such small ideas due to lack of interest from manufacturers they don’t reach us.

There are hundreds of small useful products which we often like to use and are really eco-friendly stuff which can not be manufactured on the large scale, they are not made at all and in country like India(developing country!!) system is killing the small manufacturers who can actually make them. Like water pots, they are useful, and adding simple cloth filters to it, it can be used to store drinking water, but they cannot be sold commercially at the large scale. At the same time we also lack simple understanding and get carried in the marketing trap to buy water filters which have simple cloth stuff which is not washed everyday. Idea is simple they are trying to replace pot water with plastic bottles and some other device for drinking water, but is this good innovation? or just money earning tricks!!. There are hundreds of such simple ideas like flavored water, plastic products which are made for earning and which are slowly killing environment.

Yes the main point writing this page is my frustration towards the plastic (not actual plastic, but artificial or commercial) products, which are made for single purpose!! MONEY. whatever happens to earth we don’t care.

Now, lets not cry too much, I would say arise and start building/using smarter products which are really eco-friendly and there is another point I would like to make but later.

Innovation and product design both should have primary objective to have clean and green output. In India (I am proud of the this point) we already have hundreds of such small ideas floating around us and already in use, the civilization older then any science can explain has enabled us to use green products in day to day life, its just matter of looking at it. E.g. Water pot with red/white sand, Eating Pan (Mouth freshener) can be really a good and healthy habit, Chaas (butter milk which is already commercialized), Yoga in schools and office and much more.. you might feel they are not products but yes they are and they are already sold or provided as service.

But when we are discussing so simple stuff at such a large scale, its not possible to commercialize at such level and thats the challenge for giant companies to earn out of it. Because the products are already available, how do make and sell same good things without bending the rules!! Rules means rules of green technology, if the products are kept too simple they ought to be cheap (mostly) or already there is a huge competition from local traders.

So for me the ideal world would be full of natural(green) products which at the end merge into mother earth without hurting it. Having internet and new marketing mediums its easy to set positive or negative trends for any products, but what about thinking!!? cant we make people think in the right direction and put the right products in the market.

I think that will be the next big Innovation.