Dharma or Religion is in news all the time for good or bad reasons, lot of discussions are going on around the same since ages and all hypocrites are now out on streets to debate. Many like me are pulled(or I jump) into debates for proving faith/loyalty and it becomes matter of pride for me to make sure that we don’t allow others to make mockery of my religion which has more depth then their logic and they will never actually read/learn in their entire life. Too much in one breath lets discuss it in detail allow me to put some logical points.

Lets start from very basic stuff
During Shivaratri we get messages/whatsapp from friends do not waste Milk in temple and every other movie targeting Hindu religion takes this topic and starts shouting out loud. Just answer few questions – Do you donate milk if you are not going to temple? have you heard of radiations from idols in temple and what is required to cool it? do you know why people do it like that, their thoughts? will you go to temple and request management and provide some solution to save that milk? and do if you can, otherwise stop yourself from giving biased opinions. If you are still not convinced and still find it not reasonable will you do the same for other matters like that and spread awareness like killing of cows and sacrifice of animals done at some places and send at-least one message to your friends that you condemn it, will you please dare?
Temples – Biggest question now a days scholars and intellectual people(only sickulars) have in current time, why do they exist. First of all in my opinion I strongly believe my forefathers were very intelligent to build such temples which are for people rather than big monuments others have build for fun. Temples provide space to meet, rest and find peace of mind for spiritual activities. Scientifically there are many advantages of Temple, the radiation from it, sounds from various devices clean up the air, lightning can be avoided in hundreds of meters around and many more, cant list them in one page. Common hatred about religious communities and donation taking institutions is built by media and west propaganda to make us believe that all this is useless and its build by few who like to be prayed. Temple provides much more than it takes as donation, it is much bigger then charity events done by film stars and NGOs. Have you seen baggers allowed to sit outside Malls are they ever invited inside? In case you find there is something wrong, why don’t you go in understand the system and try to fix it, like politics, many youngsters have started that. But for that you need knowledge and good Teacher.
Guruji, Dharma Guru, Baba etc. We often come across various funny jokes about people having long beard wearing saffron/white cloths and we laugh at that. There is really nice article I suggest all my friends to read, how this news culture started about Hindu Gurus. Media is constantly targeting our faith and mind to make sure we don’t believing in any of them and they get some stupid news item. Targeting Hindu religious Gurus is very common and now people also understand that. But their work is done, and what they have done is killing the Idea. Idea of Guru. We no more have faith in most of them even though there are only few which are corrupt and sometimes its only shown actually they are not. Various days, first crush on teacher etc shown and marketed in TV and Movies are killing that Guru-Shishya tradition, that feel of submission, trust and simplicity of learning. Any ways lets hope in coming time there will be change.But in India there is large population which earns and eats from temples and beliefs, there is no commercial aspect if you start believing and donating yourself. If you are not in the system you might see it in different way, e.g. we always curse Police and sometimes Army that they take bribe but for very few percentage of corrupt people, can you forget the sacrifice most of them?.
Recently I have come across some comments on FB and other medium.. If there was some technology existed in Vedic/Ancient Indian books that we don’t have, others have used it to create miracles, we should be shamed of it and should not discuss it. I think the other way if my father had a magical wand and its stolen, now I know somebody used it, I cannot be ashamed of it forever. This example is not exact because we are talking about knowledge and not physical stuff. We should stand up ask for it/grab it or start learning/finding what we have, trust me there are still hundreds of unread Sanskrit books that we(Indians) haven’t explored since last 200 yrs.
Hindu terrorism – IT DOES NOT EXIST, so I won’t write any more lines about the same and would request all my friends to stop watch television channels that show hours of non-sense crap showing such things or even mention it. Nice article from web I would like to share here – Read More
For many years many have believed that our past was not dignified but as you grow in your life and start realizing that Indian history is more glorified than any other place in the world one should be proud of it and speak of it. I can write endless hours on this topic but lets close it here for today, I shall share more again someday.

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