Dec 2015

Life at Kochi

August 2015 was the month in which I moved to this beautiful and clean city to join Suyati and it has been wonderful experience since then. Living near Marine Drive and only Jain temple in Ernakulum to make sure not to give-up my religious habits. City is very different from Mumbai, things are not as easy as Tier1/Financial capital but that’s the reason for peace and you can feel the difference in air.
Suyati as a company provides entrepreneurship opportunity where one can grow on its own and also gets nurtured from the people around. Management has one minute management skills, it takes only few minutes to understand the situation, communicate, collaborate and talk the solution.
Minimum overhead of process makes work easier. I visited client place in US in a seriously quick plan that was difficult to imagine from the perspective of the place I come from. Client interaction and understanding different culture teaches you more about world and gives different view on how to execute work. Having insights enables one to communicate on the same channel effectively.
For every individual there is some good space here and they are known by the people around. What I mean is it is like living in office and not just working all the time. Once you reach office along with work you get friendly gestures, helping hands and quick talks with HR and sometimes CEO that makes you feel you are known here. It takes only few minutes to feel all this but those small moments makes work much easier and are stress busters. Especially when Vincent comes and ask “Hey man how’s the project work going on” 😊
Company is growing very fast and has been recently listed in Deloitte fast 500 Asian companies. This is the fascinating part, with growth and expansion we still manage to have social connect with colleagues, work life balance, fun activities and much more. This is one of the companies where employees are not treated just as a “Resource”. Growth need not be at the cost of happiness but it’s a fun ride to success and target is elevated every time to continue journey.
Moving out of Mumbai was not easy, especially considering attachment with really big family. But in search of growth and do adventures I have moved out. I miss Mumbai for all the fast food, variety of people, trains and language, but soon Kochi will be a similar place having growing economy and people migrating from all places. Change is the only permanent thing in life and to explore world one has to come out of the comfort zone. Hoping to learn language some day :p .

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