Recently I visited Alleppy for a very short trip for few hours and found amazing level of cleanliness at both station and few places I visited and was really happy to see cleanliness and that made me think why not entire Bharat be like that? What it takes to make my country a better place.

Swatchh Bharat, Yes its working even if some try to make fun of it or can’t see it, they are stupid and they simply hate positive vibes in the country. This is my anger against who really like foreign places and praise them but dont want to make Bharat a better place. Lets forgive them and move on with progress.

For any reform to be successful, every individual has to live it, make it a habit and not just tell others or make it an event for day or two. How or when do you start living any good practice.. when will that become a habit? Few of my ideas: When everyone around you is doing it, when you hear it as an announcement most of the time, its some rule that you have learned in school. So we need really serious efforts to make Swatchh Bharat happen and make a habit forever in Bharat.

Implementing this at event by every community/group is something I would like to discuss here,

There many small communities which organize small-big events around the year, marriages can also be counted for some instances and they have to take permissions from various government department like fire brigade, police, sometimes collector or panchayat, along with that it should be made mandatory for organizers to keep Swatchh Bharat awareness

For every event there should be a person or team of people responsible for Swatchh Bharat campaign. His responsibility will be

  • Find/List possible instances where items will be distributed by organizers that people have to throw after using or consuming etc.
  • Make plan and arrangements for avoiding any mishandling possible garbage.
  • During event make a banner or announcement about Swatchh Bharat to spread awareness
  • At the end of event make sure to submit a report on when went wrong and what went right. It can be a single paper.

Let me share some examples, packaged drinking water given for welcome outside entry at event, outdoor camps/trips where people eat from packets etc…

In order to make this happen, a simple video could be made to train the event organizers or the person responsible for cleanliness. Swatchh Bharat team can collect this data and make a standard list to be issued to similar events happening at each place. They have to provide digital copy and organizers have to use it. This can have a huge impact on the people when they hear it on every event and avoid small mistakes.

Thanks for reading, let us make our country “Bharat” the best place to live.

Few lines for campaign…

“You are paying Swatchh Bharat tax because someone is not throwing trash in the Bin, responsibly”

“Let us spread awareness for Swatchh Bharat, its easy!! tell yourself about it everyday”