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Software Consultant #Dynamics 365(CRM)

In the year of election

Elections are near May 2019 the month that will change the course of history either way for Bharat-India.


Most important questions are
Modi will continue with his momentum
India will be back with coalition based democracy


Some statistics about internet and social media in India
Nearly 50 Cr users have access to internet
15% are active on social media and 20Cr users on whats app.

Most analysis published on web based on social media noise covers less than 25% of population and they don’t even collect or cover all ground reality. There are some real ground report analyst that have been credible in providing good information. But in this year of election most will have their agenda and priorities to serve.


Things to do till election
Do not Blindly trust any news, always ask for source
Whichever party you support, never ignore others as overall situation might change anytime.
Spend sometime talking to knowledgeable people, not some whats app experts.
Avoid forwarding un-authenticated bad/sad news on what’s app social media.

Make sure you speak up for right things and stand up against wrong. Both are necessary. Lies when told multiple times and not questioned or challenged becomes truth. Don’t allow that.


Nation first – In recent times we have seen people going to far left and right to ignore basic common sense. Standing up for national anthem is message there can be no two opinion for this. Supporting your own Army is must. We are not army ruled country where people are taken for granted by Army. Make sure when you make friends you don’t get carried away by their swag and just laugh at everything. We have seen number of comedians who have started.

Religion first – that’s true for everyone but it’s time you decide what your religion means. Does it align with the democracy and freedom offered by constitution or it overrides everything else. Many countries and states outside India have either lost their culture and national sense of pride in name of fake secularism. Secularism means to respect EVERY religion that’s it. Everyone has their own agenda and may disguise in name of secular or social facades.


India is rising and will continue to rise in spite of all noise created.


Vande Mataram!!

Swatchh Bharat – At each Event

Recently I visited Alleppy for a very short trip for few hours and found amazing level of cleanliness at both station and few places I visited and was really happy to see cleanliness and that made me think why not entire Bharat be like that? What it takes to make my country a better place.

Swatchh Bharat, Yes its working even if some try to make fun of it or can’t see it, they are stupid and they simply hate positive vibes in the country. This is my anger against who really like foreign places and praise them but dont want to make Bharat a better place. Lets forgive them and move on with progress.

For any reform to be successful, every individual has to live it, make it a habit and not just tell others or make it an event for day or two. How or when do you start living any good practice.. when will that become a habit? Few of my ideas: When everyone around you is doing it, when you hear it as an announcement most of the time, its some rule that you have learned in school. So we need really serious efforts to make Swatchh Bharat happen and make a habit forever in Bharat.

Implementing this at event by every community/group is something I would like to discuss here,

There many small communities which organize small-big events around the year, marriages can also be counted for some instances and they have to take permissions from various government department like fire brigade, police, sometimes collector or panchayat, along with that it should be made mandatory for organizers to keep Swatchh Bharat awareness

For every event there should be a person or team of people responsible for Swatchh Bharat campaign. His responsibility will be

  • Find/List possible instances where items will be distributed by organizers that people have to throw after using or consuming etc.
  • Make plan and arrangements for avoiding any mishandling possible garbage.
  • During event make a banner or announcement about Swatchh Bharat to spread awareness
  • At the end of event make sure to submit a report on when went wrong and what went right. It can be a single paper.

Let me share some examples, packaged drinking water given for welcome outside entry at event, outdoor camps/trips where people eat from packets etc…

In order to make this happen, a simple video could be made to train the event organizers or the person responsible for cleanliness. Swatchh Bharat team can collect this data and make a standard list to be issued to similar events happening at each place. They have to provide digital copy and organizers have to use it. This can have a huge impact on the people when they hear it on every event and avoid small mistakes.

Thanks for reading, let us make our country “Bharat” the best place to live.

Few lines for campaign…

“You are paying Swatchh Bharat tax because someone is not throwing trash in the Bin, responsibly”

“Let us spread awareness for Swatchh Bharat, its easy!! tell yourself about it everyday”

Life at Kochi

August 2015 was the month in which I moved to this beautiful and clean city to join Suyati and it has been wonderful experience since then. Living near Marine Drive and only Jain temple in Ernakulum to make sure not to give-up my religious habits. City is very different from Mumbai, things are not as easy as Tier1/Financial capital but that’s the reason for peace and you can feel the difference in air.
Suyati as a company provides entrepreneurship opportunity where one can grow on its own and also gets nurtured from the people around. Management has one minute management skills, it takes only few minutes to understand the situation, communicate, collaborate and talk the solution.
Minimum overhead of process makes work easier. I visited client place in US in a seriously quick plan that was difficult to imagine from the perspective of the place I come from. Client interaction and understanding different culture teaches you more about world and gives different view on how to execute work. Having insights enables one to communicate on the same channel effectively.
For every individual there is some good space here and they are known by the people around. What I mean is it is like living in office and not just working all the time. Once you reach office along with work you get friendly gestures, helping hands and quick talks with HR and sometimes CEO that makes you feel you are known here. It takes only few minutes to feel all this but those small moments makes work much easier and are stress busters. Especially when Vincent comes and ask “Hey man how’s the project work going on” 😊
Company is growing very fast and has been recently listed in Deloitte fast 500 Asian companies. This is the fascinating part, with growth and expansion we still manage to have social connect with colleagues, work life balance, fun activities and much more. This is one of the companies where employees are not treated just as a “Resource”. Growth need not be at the cost of happiness but it’s a fun ride to success and target is elevated every time to continue journey.
Moving out of Mumbai was not easy, especially considering attachment with really big family. But in search of growth and do adventures I have moved out. I miss Mumbai for all the fast food, variety of people, trains and language, but soon Kochi will be a similar place having growing economy and people migrating from all places. Change is the only permanent thing in life and to explore world one has to come out of the comfort zone. Hoping to learn language some day :p .

My Daughter

Another day, which was exciting and joyful as if  to have new life. With my daughter my heart cries, has some special feeling every moment, sometimes happiness, sometimes love and sometimes when she is crying I am in panic situation. I cant express my heart out as I have always kept it closed. I always wanted to avoid too much love or hate, keeping my emotions balanced but this time I think it will take years. I have always enjoyed playing with kids specially when they come and hug me. I can still remember the day I was coming back from school and my young brother coming with smile and we hug each other. My eldest nephew when she was young she always hug me. I love those moments. Its really awesome feeling cause they are very pure souls with smile and cuteness they make you better human. Its really difficult to express all this in words.

This time its my own daughter, I am more confident while handling her and at the same time sure that its completely my responsibility and I have freedom. My daughter, my cute little flower garden that has filled my heart. Although I already knew since few years that I will have daughter and had dreams about her coming and playing with me, but when it comes to living those dreams it’s more awesome and I hope I can make her happy as in dreams. Its been one month but still cant decide of her name as she is just another kid in the world, but just the entire world in my eyes.
All this fun has another side, its just like with big power comes big responsibility. Same is applicable to happiness. Other kids have grown up, their parents have taken care but now its my turn. As parent I have really started to understand facts and only fact is human behaviour changes with time and environment. I started thinking of her growing and reached almost my age and then suddenly I had to stop. STOP I shouldn’t imaging and believe in my dreams, she is different, she is not me. Many times we face a situation and handle it in our way, next time we see others facing it and we have same solution in mind. But wait the other person might have different idea. So I have to keep reminding myself that she will be different and grooming her is my responsibility and that’s it. She will make her own destiny.
Many were not as happy as me when she was born having concerns about raising child and future, I agree with them there is some difference, but its not about girl or boy its about our social and human behaviour that makes it different. Its awesome in the beginning until they are with you and most difficult when they might move on. But that is how our social system is and it has its own advantages we cant deny that. That’s how life works, people of this century has accepted this and have started living with this situation in better ways. We are living our life in our own way; so will they. I would say I have started understanding my parents more and will try to spend more time with them, may be world would be different some day. Sometime I try to make foolish attempt to think what my daughter would be thinking when she is smiling in her dreams. That’s cute but silly attempt many of us make. 😊
This note I am writing in the new train going home, hoping to meet her again in few hours, of-course in dreams.

Dharma. Religion. Faith. Why How and What

Dharma or Religion is in news all the time for good or bad reasons, lot of discussions are going on around the same since ages and all hypocrites are now out on streets to debate. Many like me are pulled(or I jump) into debates for proving faith/loyalty and it becomes matter of pride for me to make sure that we don’t allow others to make mockery of my religion which has more depth then their logic and they will never actually read/learn in their entire life. Too much in one breath lets discuss it in detail allow me to put some logical points.

Lets start from very basic stuff
During Shivaratri we get messages/whatsapp from friends do not waste Milk in temple and every other movie targeting Hindu religion takes this topic and starts shouting out loud. Just answer few questions – Do you donate milk if you are not going to temple? have you heard of radiations from idols in temple and what is required to cool it? do you know why people do it like that, their thoughts? will you go to temple and request management and provide some solution to save that milk? and do if you can, otherwise stop yourself from giving biased opinions. If you are still not convinced and still find it not reasonable will you do the same for other matters like that and spread awareness like killing of cows and sacrifice of animals done at some places and send at-least one message to your friends that you condemn it, will you please dare?
Temples – Biggest question now a days scholars and intellectual people(only sickulars) have in current time, why do they exist. First of all in my opinion I strongly believe my forefathers were very intelligent to build such temples which are for people rather than big monuments others have build for fun. Temples provide space to meet, rest and find peace of mind for spiritual activities. Scientifically there are many advantages of Temple, the radiation from it, sounds from various devices clean up the air, lightning can be avoided in hundreds of meters around and many more, cant list them in one page. Common hatred about religious communities and donation taking institutions is built by media and west propaganda to make us believe that all this is useless and its build by few who like to be prayed. Temple provides much more than it takes as donation, it is much bigger then charity events done by film stars and NGOs. Have you seen baggers allowed to sit outside Malls are they ever invited inside? In case you find there is something wrong, why don’t you go in understand the system and try to fix it, like politics, many youngsters have started that. But for that you need knowledge and good Teacher.
Guruji, Dharma Guru, Baba etc. We often come across various funny jokes about people having long beard wearing saffron/white cloths and we laugh at that. There is really nice article I suggest all my friends to read, how this news culture started about Hindu Gurus. Media is constantly targeting our faith and mind to make sure we don’t believing in any of them and they get some stupid news item. Targeting Hindu religious Gurus is very common and now people also understand that. But their work is done, and what they have done is killing the Idea. Idea of Guru. We no more have faith in most of them even though there are only few which are corrupt and sometimes its only shown actually they are not. Various days, first crush on teacher etc shown and marketed in TV and Movies are killing that Guru-Shishya tradition, that feel of submission, trust and simplicity of learning. Any ways lets hope in coming time there will be change.But in India there is large population which earns and eats from temples and beliefs, there is no commercial aspect if you start believing and donating yourself. If you are not in the system you might see it in different way, e.g. we always curse Police and sometimes Army that they take bribe but for very few percentage of corrupt people, can you forget the sacrifice most of them?.
Recently I have come across some comments on FB and other medium.. If there was some technology existed in Vedic/Ancient Indian books that we don’t have, others have used it to create miracles, we should be shamed of it and should not discuss it. I think the other way if my father had a magical wand and its stolen, now I know somebody used it, I cannot be ashamed of it forever. This example is not exact because we are talking about knowledge and not physical stuff. We should stand up ask for it/grab it or start learning/finding what we have, trust me there are still hundreds of unread Sanskrit books that we(Indians) haven’t explored since last 200 yrs.
Hindu terrorism – IT DOES NOT EXIST, so I won’t write any more lines about the same and would request all my friends to stop watch television channels that show hours of non-sense crap showing such things or even mention it. Nice article from web I would like to share here – Read More
For many years many have believed that our past was not dignified but as you grow in your life and start realizing that Indian history is more glorified than any other place in the world one should be proud of it and speak of it. I can write endless hours on this topic but lets close it here for today, I shall share more again someday.

What next in Innovations and Ideas!!

Innovations, Ideas and Growth!!!

Since last few months, weeks, days these are the words buzzing around. It seems I am lost, everyone seems to be running and world has stopped for me. May be its a short break before something new.. Enough of philosophy coming back to the topic..

What next to expect in innovation? From where these Ideas come from and once we know about them where does it go? why does it take so much time to reach common man!!! And Growth seems to be just behind the door but who will open it?

Above is something I don’t want to discuss in this page.

We see a lot of cutting edge or grass root innovations but they are just in videos and most of them do not reach common man or come as product for everyone. Many of the grass root innovations and advanced technology is patented to make money out of it(ofcourse it is necessary) but at the same time many such small ideas due to lack of interest from manufacturers they don’t reach us.

There are hundreds of small useful products which we often like to use and are really eco-friendly stuff which can not be manufactured on the large scale, they are not made at all and in country like India(developing country!!) system is killing the small manufacturers who can actually make them. Like water pots, they are useful, and adding simple cloth filters to it, it can be used to store drinking water, but they cannot be sold commercially at the large scale. At the same time we also lack simple understanding and get carried in the marketing trap to buy water filters which have simple cloth stuff which is not washed everyday. Idea is simple they are trying to replace pot water with plastic bottles and some other device for drinking water, but is this good innovation? or just money earning tricks!!. There are hundreds of such simple ideas like flavored water, plastic products which are made for earning and which are slowly killing environment.

Yes the main point writing this page is my frustration towards the plastic (not actual plastic, but artificial or commercial) products, which are made for single purpose!! MONEY. whatever happens to earth we don’t care.

Now, lets not cry too much, I would say arise and start building/using smarter products which are really eco-friendly and there is another point I would like to make but later.

Innovation and product design both should have primary objective to have clean and green output. In India (I am proud of the this point) we already have hundreds of such small ideas floating around us and already in use, the civilization older then any science can explain has enabled us to use green products in day to day life, its just matter of looking at it. E.g. Water pot with red/white sand, Eating Pan (Mouth freshener) can be really a good and healthy habit, Chaas (butter milk which is already commercialized), Yoga in schools and office and much more.. you might feel they are not products but yes they are and they are already sold or provided as service.

But when we are discussing so simple stuff at such a large scale, its not possible to commercialize at such level and thats the challenge for giant companies to earn out of it. Because the products are already available, how do make and sell same good things without bending the rules!! Rules means rules of green technology, if the products are kept too simple they ought to be cheap (mostly) or already there is a huge competition from local traders.

So for me the ideal world would be full of natural(green) products which at the end merge into mother earth without hurting it. Having internet and new marketing mediums its easy to set positive or negative trends for any products, but what about thinking!!? cant we make people think in the right direction and put the right products in the market.

I think that will be the next big Innovation.

Windows 8, An opportunity developers must grab

Windows 8, A opportunity developers must grab.

Microsoft has been providing space for developers, partners enough room to build useful apps by keeping the core solution simple and allowing maximum exposure to development. At the same time it is adopting the most widely used apps to evolve and provide easier/integrated solution to end customers.

Microsoft is/will be using the same platform for all the devices like TV/Gaming console,  Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Mobiles, Other devices like photo frames, cameras(in future we can expect this also). And much more devices/business tools where Microsoft is there or not there.

Some quotes from web

“Windows 8 is just a matter of time to master all the features and soon you will love it, Way back since Win98 and XP, Many said win98 is better cause may programs are not compatible with XP, then there came windows vista we love the graphics and we complain again for slow operation, then migrated to win7, and we loved this OS that much due to its simplified version of windVista, but people keeps complaining due to system requirements, and now we would say this time that this is the Best OS of this Generation, yet, here comes the Win8 and as usual people keeps complaining again and again, But This is better that Win7. We will get used to it soon enough, its just a matter of time, Always remember that new OS comes with a redefined Engineering programs, We may not be ready for Windows8 because it requires higher performance Hardware compared to our present PC.”

Hello world!

Blog is just another way to express yourself and share…

As we all know the importance of the blogs, forums and knowledge sharing sites available around the globe, that the actual source using which we programmers survive.

We often reject the companies (at-least in the interview), which ask what if we do not give you access to Google Smile. Because we know that its not possible for a developer to have complete knowledge of any technology, even if we know we have to try out samples, ask someone if its the only or the best way. Possibilities in programming are always in multiple numbers, everyone has there own ways (ofcourse if platform permits).

At the same time programmers, mainly engineers across the globe are the most helping and knowledge sharing people. Sometimes its difficult to understand the motivation for a such large amount of data created. (apart from visibility, ranking and to feel that I shared it first). But still we must accept the fact that there is huge amount of shared examples, articles available.

Apart from the programmers, there is again a large community sharing social content, which has come out of books or the facts around us.. This includes social awareness, financial firms data , news, blogs etc..

Having the same idea to express myself and sharing what I know, I have started this web-log i.e. blog.

With the mantra CONNECT..SHARE..GROW..