Elections are near May 2019 the month that will change the course of history either way for Bharat-India.   Most important questions are Modi will continue with his momentum India will be back with coalition based democracy   Some statistics about internet and social media in India Nearly 50 Cr users have access to internet […]

Recently I visited Alleppy for a very short trip for few hours and found amazing level of cleanliness at both station and few places I visited and was really happy to see cleanliness and that made me think why not entire Bharat be like that? What it takes to make my country a better place. […]


Dec 2015

Life at Kochi

August 2015 was the month in which I moved to this beautiful and clean city to join Suyati and it has been wonderful experience since then. Living near Marine Drive and only Jain temple in Ernakulum to make sure not to give-up my religious habits. City is very different from Mumbai, things are not as […]


May 2015

My Daughter

Another day, which was exciting and joyful as if ┬áto have new life. With my daughter my heart cries, has some special feeling every moment, sometimes happiness, sometimes love and sometimes when she is crying I am in panic situation. I cant express my heart out as I have always kept it closed. I always […]

Windows 8, A opportunity developers must grab. Microsoft has been providing space for developers, partners enough room to build useful apps by keeping the core solution simple and allowing maximum exposure to development. At the same time it is adopting the most widely used apps to evolve and provide easier/integrated solution to end customers. Microsoft […]


Aug 2013

Hello world!

Blog is just another way to express yourself and share… As we all know the importance of the blogs, forums and knowledge sharing sites available around the globe, that the actual source using which we programmers survive. We often reject the companies (at-least in the interview), which ask what if we do not give you […]