Code review checklist

Below is a small/quick list for Code reviews. (We have mainly used it for Dynamics CRM plugins/custom workflows development, but same can be applied for other .net projects)

Technical – In context of methods being modified/created for current changes

  • Validate for below
    • Database retrieve/query operation that can be avoided, if data is already available or can be collectively retrieved. (Very important because for performance)
    • Multiple/unwanted loops for same collection in a method
    • More checks can be added here…
  • Naming convention
Enum valuesPascalFatalError
Read-only Static fieldPascalRedValue
  • No warnings must be there (as per the standard rule set being used)
  • No commented code is present
  • Comments
  • Methods must have comments, preferably referencing and matching the algorithms and logic provided in the design
  • Check spelling mistakes in method names/comments
  • Defect number, CR number should not be referenced in code
  • Press Ctrl+K+D (code formatting) to check if code document is formatted properly


Verify the code as per the requirements (document)

  • For each functionality required there should be code with appropriate comments
  • Check if the logic implemented matches with requirements mentioned
  • Compare new changes with existing, validate if only required code is changed

Happy Coding!!