Dynamics CRM testing as different business roles

One of the best feature of new Unified Interface is impersonation in UI. Here in this blog I will talk about steps to impersonate user to test as another user in browser.

User must have permissions to Act on Behalf of, we tried by giving System Admin permission to user. Then user will be able to impersonate any active user in the system.

Identify different business user roles – e.g. Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Customer Support Agent etc. Identify Record Id for each. Now if you are not developer Identifying “Id” can be challenge. Dynamics 365 Power Pane plugin can be useful for that. Install and enable that in Chrome and when you open User record, you can get Record Id easily. Remove {} when you copy record Id.

Screenshot – Dynamics 365 Power Pane

Install chrome plugin ModHeader.


Now configure ModHeader in Chrome, add MSCRMCalleId request header and value as Record Id which you have identified in previous step. You can add multiple of them, but select only one at a time.

Now refresh the browser to see the user name


  • In case custom scripts are keeping users Security roles in local cache, you have to clear that and refresh again.
  • You can always open the Audit record and see who updated record “On Behalf of”
  • Make sure to not allow Act on Behalf of to regular business users.

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