KB Article – user story

Recently we suggested client to start using KB Article for Cases. There are many articles available for “configuring KB articles” but not much on actually using it, as use cases defers from client to client. Here we would like to share simple yet very effective use of KB Article.

KB article field is already available in case(incident) entity. Below is how we suggested to use this.


  1. Setup “Subjects”. Set very specific subjects so that they can be differentiated and cases can be classified easily.
  2. Setup KB Articles as per business use. We recommended to have 1 article per subject which will include details on how to handle the case for selected subject.
  3. Remove existing KB Article section from case, as it takes more space and it resides in bottom. Also reading all the content by scrolling may not be the best approach.
  4. Add KB Article field below subject to make it easily accessible
  5. Now, include custom JavaScript(find attached in bottom) and enable function “RetrieveArticleForSubject” on change of subject field.

So now as soon user selects Subject for the case, available article(published) for the selected subject will get selected in KB article field and users can click to open article in new window. This allows them to continue to work on case and update data and in another window read KB article details.

By using the approach, agents/support team members should be able to get related information quickly.

Code – Find attached file.RetrieveArticleForSubject